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Much like a cotton garment feels more organic and natural on the skin than a synthetic one, so does a wooden dildo over a glass or plastic model - and the cheaper versions of the latter can contain harmful phthalates.

Wood will assume your own body's warmth, and in-turn provide more natural and smooth sensations with a balance of stiffness between rubber (overly pliable) and glass (overly rigid). Using wood also makes every dildo unique, as it is an organic raw material rather than something concocted out of chemicals. As always with sex toys, be sure to sanitize your wooden dildo before and after use preferably with a non-abrasive cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol.

Craving Wood is a small independent woodshop owned and operated by several artisans who have chosen lathes and chisels as their brushes, and turned wood as their canvas. We usually do short runs of a certain type of wood toy, so please understand that we may not have exactly the same model you see here today weeks/months down the road.


All Wood Toys Are:

•Discreetly and sanitarily packaged in a nondescript box for shipping, which is no extra charge for orders within the United States

•Lathed, crafted, sanded, and finished from quality blanks of responsibly sourced real wood

•Stained/Sealed using the non-toxic "SafeCoat" finish, and then air-dried for two days in a conditioned woodshop

•Eco-friendly and sustainable choice, as growth exceeds harvest of selected wood, less energy is used to make a wood dildo versus the processes behind concocting rubber or jelly/plastic, and drastically less emissions (only sawdust) are expelled as well

•Made in USA

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